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OG Wicked Pig

OG Wicked Pig

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Professional Grade Meat Tenderizer and Marinade....... It's not only for competition cooking..... Turn your tough proteins into a beautiful tender & juicy piece of meat for the entire family to Enjoy. This product can be mixed with just about any flavor profile you desire. If you are taking your time marinating, you will only need a small amount (Tsp.) Certain Proteins will take longer. Check out our Recipes and Videos

Tenderizer Prepping Instructions

  1. Add 2 oz of mix to 16 oz of water (substitute with beef consommé, stock or any desired liquid)
  2. Add liquid to 2 pounds of beef, pork or lamb for 15 to 20 minute
  3. Pat dry and season with your favorite seasonings
  4. Cook on desired heat source
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